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falconers ('γερακάρηδες')...

A falconer in stucco Palace of al-Mamun in Toledo, eleventh century

Le départ pour la chasse au faucon "De Arte venandi cum avibus" de Frédéric II de Hofenstaufen

bowl, 13th century, Selujiks

falconer at a glazed,15th c. cup from Cyprus

Giacomo Jaquerio (ca. 1375-1453)

the Falconers artist unknown (France), 1435-1445

early persian polychrome tile
with a molded and glazed relief figure of a mounted falconer
ca. 16th-19th century

Newroz: Kurdish New Year 2014


John Stezaker

John Stezaker, Untitled, 1989

'I wanted to make conscious, to save the viewer from unconsciousness rather than release the viewer to it.'
John Stezaker, Dispatch 123  (exhibition brochure,  Norwich Gallery 2006)

John Stezaker’s Double Truth Photographic Mindscapes