Crime & the City Solution - The Last Dictator I - IV (Paradise Discotheque, 1990)

The Last Dictator I

The Last Dictator to the station crept
In tattered clothes he lay down and wept
Shook his fists at all the world and hissed
'Is this it, is this it?
My farewell delegation
These few trees
This station that is no station
That is left, that is mine
I could have saved you all
You gave me so little time'
Well the Angels who'd hung around
And dreamed their dreams
For eternity they'd schemed their schemes
Awoke and said 'Dick, we understand you to the letter
But you could have it like it was before, only better'
'Yes, I'd like that - I'd try again
But will you make them bow and honor my name?'
'Oh yes, by comparison the last time will seem rather tame
We'll set you up in the desert
In a discotheque called Parody, that's French for paradise
Like an immovable spot, rest now you've had a rough trot'
The Last Dictator woke from where he'd been
In a mood that was mean, he related the dream
'I'm in a very bad mood; I had a very bad dream
What do you think these things mean?'

'I dreamed of an Ice Machine
In the dream I dragged the machine
To the remotest ends of the world
From one hot spot to the next
The spots being populated entirely by brown skinned babies
Who while seemingly very young were in fact very old
These beautiful and innocent children
With their knowing eyes and their wild and neurotic dances

'Yes, yes' said the Angels
'And were you displeased?'
'I was - they'd best beware, they'd best take care'
Well the Angels who'd hung around and dreamed their dreams
For eternity they'd schemed their schemes
Clapped and said, 'Dick
You are the one - you are'
'Yes I am'
'Yes you are'

The Last Dictator II

Well he set out for his desert throne
With a manic grin
And a hand carved set of games that no one could win
The angels also provided a wife
To whom he could dictate for life

Well this Eve was like no other
Her last husband, she said, was her son and her lover
And possibly even also her brother

You could tell that this Eve had been around
From the canyons on her face
Which converged to form an enomous frown
She said she'd rather not hang around
And would just as soon head across
To the quiet side of town
Lay low, close to the ground
Till this thing about the apple calmed down

In the end a few undisclosed promises brought her around
And together they moved to his desert town
Where he set about building a seven year clock
And redesigning blinds, boxes and blocks

Next day
He called a meeting of those near and dear
And those who would come out of fear
His wife was there
But again she'd been drinking
And appeared at the same time
To be standing and sinking
While those in fear, who numbered somewhat more
Kept moving about the floor, holding their breath
Close to the door
There were some notable absentees
Einstein was gone
His enormous organ
Would never again say 'Guten Morgen'

But at least the remaining crew
Were easy to dictate to
My friends I have assembled you all here today
To pave the way - yes pave the way
Toward everlasting peace and equal pay
The man who excuses himself
Accuses himself
I am not that man
I make no excuses
I'm back, I'm better
I have fresh funding and a brand new deal
With universal appeal
We're going all the way to the top this time
Only this time we stop on top!

Power corrupts!
A voice spoke up
On this first day
I suspect this god has feet of clay
Kill that stranger and be quick - I tire of such people, 
they make me sick
Why power is to truth what history is to song
It all depends on what you're looking for and where you're looking from
And which side you happen to land upon

The explosion was in the suitcase
But the suitcase missed the plane
I find it more comfortable to travel by train
You know what I say is true
And I blame it all upon the color Blue
From now on it will be called Not Green
I think you know how I feel and just what I mean.

Back among the flashing lights of Paradise, his lair 
The Last Dictator sat in a chair
And of all the world he was unaware
Till his wife sidled up and said 'Sir'
(As he liked to be known to his family and friends)
'You're very quiet'
When he broke forth in a Southern drawl
The gems he'd gleaned from out-house walls:
'Make no mistake - Hate
Don't delay, don't wait to defend your realm and State - Hate'
'That's good, dear' said Eve with a prideful tear
'I'm glad to hear that it's no longer Fear'
Well he reached out and grabbed her firmly about the rear
And said 'Oh please, just one more beer
I'll do it - but just one more beer'
'Do you think you'd better, dear?'
She said in a voice so menacingly severe
The whole neighbourhood eagerly cocked an ear
Well Dick laughed, and with a placating whine
Said 'Oh Evie, it'll be different this time
Now eat your humility soup
And get out my accoutrements and sacred wine
We're going to the top this time'
Much moved by his own words and several beers
The Last Dictator wiped his tears
As the Angels did appear
And said 'we'd like very much to hear
What exactly it is that you fear
That we may have this devil hooved
And we trust removed
Trust us'
'I trusted someone once
They said stand on this wall
I was but three foot tall
The wall was somewhat more
They said jump and I'll catch you
I jumped but I landed on a stone, with a groan
My leg was broken and that word in my name
Has never since been spoken
From this habit should I now be woken?
I trusted someone once
I trusted someone once
I trusted someone once'
'That you've been badly used is clear
Dick, that's a terrible fear
It certainly sounds like one rough night
Many would have given up your noble fight
Turned their backs and taken flight'
'Yeah, but just knowing that I was right
Has helped me through plight after plight'
'Tell us please how can we make amends
What can we give you, borrow or bend?'
'For myself I ask not a thing
I neither want nor need the comforts of a king
But the innocent need a strong wise hand
To help them navigate nature's plan
They need a teacher and one who's quick
Someone generous, kind, and strict
I'll need a big stick'
'Oh, we'll give you a very big stick
Not like any that you've seen yet
We've raised the money and laid the bet
The cat's in the bag, the bag's in the river
Here's an arrow for your quiver
So trust us, trust us
You can trust us
You can trust us.

That night he foretold his enemies' doom
His words loomed large across the room
They boomed
His pupils were quiet and well groomed
With swelling heart
He began his favourite part
When Eve, who since she wed
Had gained a lot of weight
From the apples on which she fed
It was compensation she said
For the marginal life that she'd led
Zig-zagged through the door
And said, 'Adam what's this button for'
No more door.

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