black lake in Algeria

black lake in Algeria ©

Plunged into the beauty the wisdom is enriched with nothingness.In front of these landscapes, the grandeur whereof tightens the throat any of these thoughts is a deletion of the man. And soon, denied, covered, recovered and obscured by so many overwhelming convictions, he is nothing to the world any longer but just an instructed spot who knows only a passive truth, or his colour, or his sun. So pure landscapes are too drying for the soul and their beauty is unbearable. It is said thatin these gospels of stone, heaven and water nothing resurrects. Henceforth deep in this magnificent desert, in its heart, the temptation begins for the people of these countries.

A. Camus, NOCES suivi de L'ÉTÉ. Paris: Les Éditions Gallimard, 1959 - p. 64



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