siren, sphinx & sagittarius / Ibn Arabi

Siren on a star-shaped tile from Kubadabad Palace

Siren on a star-shaped tile
 underglaze painting, 
Kubadabad Palace, c. 1236 
 Karatay Madrasah Museum, Konya, Turkey

detail of an Islamic mosaic on the facade of a mosque in Iran

Lacquer painting on cardboard with the constellation “Sagittarius”

Iran, 19th century

15th century miniature

Islam, Paradise and the Garden

... the existence attributed to the created thing is the Being of God, since the possible has no existence. However, the essences of the possible are receptacles for the manifestation of this Being... For the verifiers it has been established that there is nothing in Being but God.
Ibn Arabi, Futuhat II. 69. Trans. W. Chittick

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